Buckskin riding breeches; Unknown; Unknown; 1995_463


Buckskin riding breeches

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Men’s tan suede and buckskin riding breeches. Jodhpur style with flared thighs. Two types of leather, suede and buckskin, thick suede for the main body of garment, especially for the seat of pants, lined at the waistband and side seams with white suede. Jodphurs have a fitted calf from the knee, tied tight with shoe laces, ankle piece is buckskin with side opening, fastened originally with buttons, because of 3 button holes however now have threes dome buttons. Fall front waistband, three buttons fastening the waistband vertically, fall front fastened overtop with two buttons at corners. High back to attach suspenders with a gusset of buckskin in centre which can be tightened with ties for a snugger fit. 6 buttons around waistband to attach suspenders, 2 at back and 2 at either side of the front. Mostly hand sewn apart for the very thick leather at waist and fall front. Two pockets fastened with buttons at front left and right, lined with cotton drill. All buttons are miss-matched, however 2 are metal tack buttons possibly the originals with the words ‘BULL DOG REGd’



Date Made


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94cm length x 86.5cm width

Subject and Association Description

suede riding breeches, jodhpur style

Credit Line

Mr Richard Perkins

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riding breeches

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