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Indian bracelet brought to NZ by Col Robert Bole Morrow. He found it in a crocodile's stomach after it was killed in India. It was said to have been worn by and Indian girl the crocodile ate.
The wrist band has 5 rings attached to it.
1 - round and thin with tortoiseshell and 5 motifs on it.
2 - plain ring with a square stone setting
3 - copper ring with a square set with engraved flowers
4 - small plain band
5 - small almost heart shaped ring

Medium and Materials

Metal, copper, tortoiseshell


11 cms

Subject and Association Description

Col Arthur Morrow married Mariamne Buckland and they lived at Simla, Newmarket.
Col Robert Bole Morrow was Arthur's brother and served in India in the area of Simla.

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