The long white cloud; Reeves, William Pember, 1857-1932; 1973; 855582936; 2014.1...


The long white cloud


Reeves, William Pember, 1857-1932

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An authoritative history of New Zealand which deals with the poetry and ferocity of the Maori and their struggle against the Pakeha, the adventures of the gold-seekers and other pioneers, the aims of the colony's founders and the democratic experiments of those who succeeded them. Contents: Introduction by Sir James Hight -- Preface to fourth edition -- Preface to first edition -- A comment by Bernard Shaw -- Note of acknowledgement -- Poem: New Zealand [by William Pember Reeves] -- Part 1 / by W.P. Reeves: The long white cloud -- Maori -- The navigators -- No man's land -- Mission schooner and whale boat -- The muskets of Hongi -- "A man-of-war without guns" -- The dreams of Edward Gibbon Wakefield -- In the Caudine Forks -- Through weakness into war -- Governor Grey -- The pastoral provinces -- Learning to walk -- Governor Browne's bad bargain -- Tupara against Enfield -- The fire in the fern -- Gold-diggers and gum-diggers -- Vogel and the public works policy -- In Parliament -- Some bones of contention -- The end of ogliarchy -- The eight years' tussle -- "King Dick" -- Experimental laws -- Part 2 / by A.J,. Harrop: Farmers in power -- Labour in power -- Second World War -- Social and economic trends -- The New Zealanders -- Appendix 1. New Zealand literature -- Appendix 2. Poem: the passing of the forest [by William Pember Reeves].

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Golden Press

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New Zealand classics.

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New Zealand -- History -- 19th century

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