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The history of Epsom


Bush, Graham William Arthur

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Epsom, lying in the centre of the Tamaki isthmus, is one of Auckland's oldest suburbs. Being enclosed by volcanic mountains, its strategic location and rich soil made it much prized by the pre-European Maori. After Auckland's selection as the capital of the new British colony in 1840 both arable and pastoral farms starting dotting its landscape and it became the settlement's leading breadbasket. Rural Epsom prospered mightily, but its close proximity to the developing central city eventually made it a target for suburbanization. At first there was a growing presence of elite farmlets, but in the space of just 30 years (1900-30) Epsom's agricultural past was almost completely obliterated. In its conversion from farmsteads to family dwellings and more recently, town-houses, Epsom has become no mere dormitory suburb. Its has notable medical and educational faces and proudly claims three of Auckland's greatest communal assets - Alexandra Park, the Auckland Showgrounds and Sir John Logan Campbell's Cornwall Park. Despite its intriguing history, Epsom's story missed being recorded, and The History of Epsom makes handsome amends for this omission. It contains almost 400 illustrations, a dozen informative maps, very extensive references, an appendix of street names and origins, and an exhaustive index. The product of a truly community effort under the guidance of the Epsom & Eden District Historical Society, this work gives Epsom the history it has for so long deserved. Partial Contents: A definition of the boundaries of Epsom -- The natural history of Epsom -- Maori occupation -- Early settlement : 1840-1880 -- Farmland to suburbia : 1880-1930 -- Settling into suburbia : 1930-1975 -- Epsom now and its future directions -- Local bodies and associated institutions -- Political institutions and organisations -- Public services and facilities -- Public transport -- Religious institutions -- Healthcare -- Educational institutions -- Community services -- Arts and culture -- Business -- Hotels and accommodation -- Sports clubs and activities -- Alexandra Park and trotting -- The Epsom Showgrounds -- Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill Domain -- Parks and reserves -- Notable houses -- The street names of Epsom.

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Epsom & Eden District Historical Soc. Inc. [Auckland, NZ] 2006 Epsom & Eden District Historical Society

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Epsom (Auckland, NZ) -- History

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Auckland (NZ) -- History, Local

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