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CAMPBELL, John Logan

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Bibliography p. xvii Book First: myself (I. Why and how I became a doctor: decision to emigrate ; II. 'Ho! For the great south land' ; III. I foresweear the great convict land) -- Book Second: The town that never was (I. The king of Waiau ; II. We start on the exploring expedition ; III. We sing and row ourselves over the Hauraki ; IV, The timber-draggers: a pull for dear life ; V. The night camp: the morning's vision ; VI. The isthmus of Corinth of the Antipodes ; VII. The mess of pottage which floored the king of Waiau's grand scheme) -- Book Third: With the Maoris on the Hauraki shore (I. Why we invaded Waiomu ; II. We are adopted by the Ngati Tamatera ; III. We secure apartments for the winter season ; IV. De pluribus Maori rebus ; V. A Maori wake ; VI. A gunpowder explosion: the doctor wanted ; VII. Steeped in tapu ; VIII. Maori philosophy ; IX. Farewell to Waiomu) -- Book Fourth: How a new colony is born to an old nation (I. The two pioneer Pakehas of the Waitemata ; II. Monarchs of all they surveyed: the monarchs turn well-sinkers ; III. I present our credentials to the Ngatitai: the early missionary ; IV. I learn what "taihoa' means ; V. Waiting in expectancy ; VI. My maiden venture in the field of commerce ; VII. The capital is born to us: the flagstaff that never was erected ; VIII. We change the current of our lives: we visit our newly-born child ; IX. How we shave a pig ; X. WE adoppt our child ; XI. The capital of Poenamo in 1841: how we lived then ; XII. An episode: our first Maori scare: conclusion) -- Appendix: To my children. "Published with the aid of the New Zealand Literary Fund"--T.p. verso.

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New Zealand Classics

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Campbell, John Logan

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Campbell, John Logan, 1817-1912

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Frontier and pioneer life -- New Zealand -- Auckland

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Authors, New Zealand -- 19th century

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New Zealand -- Description and travel

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Auckland (NZ) -- Description and travel

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Coromandel Peninsula (NZ) -- Description and travel

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Brown's Island (NZ) -- Description and travel

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