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Mangawhai Museum an impressive sight both inside and outside

mangawhai thumb
February 26, 2015
National Services Te Paerangi

Read out about Mangawhai Museum’s redevelopment journey.

The story of The Treasury, Thames

November 3, 2014
National Services Te Paerangi

The Treasury, Thames, has undergone major development in the past few years. This is the story of the project, from planning to fundraising, and from construction to a newly opened archive.

New home for the Charlotte Museum

TEPAPA_n770048_v1_CMT_on_Parade thumb
July 9, 2013
National Services Te Paerangi

Auckland’s Charlotte Museum has recently moved to a new home in New Lynn.

Nelson Provincial Museum – important milestone for Glass Plate Negative Project

Errol Shaw holds the 50,000th glass plate to be digitised and relocated as part of the Nelson Provincial Museum's Glass Plate Negative Project. Pictured with Errol are fellow project team members (from left) Ian McGuire, Megan Wells and Anne McEwan. Image courtesy of Nelson Provincial Museum.
July 6, 2012
National Services Te Paerangi

Nelson Provincial Museum’s Glass Plate Negative project team reached a fantastic milestone recently with the digitisation and relocation of the 50,000th glass plate.

Wake-up Call For Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum Director Anthony Wright in the Mountfort Gallery
July 12, 2011
Adrienne Rewi

‘Thanks to earthquake strengthening carried out in the 1980s, Canterbury Museum has come through three major earthquakes and thousands of after shocks with its physical form largely intact. It’s been a different story inside…’

The Dowse

Cam McCracken GG
June 29, 2011
National Services Te Paerangi

As long as creativity abounds

Jonesonian Institute

Jonesonian Institute Munch Nightmare
June 1, 2011
National Services Te Paerangi

The museum focusses on collecting and preserving memories, dreams and reflections and says it has pioneered a range of techniques for gathering memories.

City Gallery Wellington

May 26, 2011
National Services Te Paerangi

City Gallery Wellington is a dynamic cultural presence in the capital city of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Christchurch Earthquake

March 4, 2011
National Services Te Paerangi

Any Christchurch organisations that need support from NSTP should contact Judith Taylor on 029 601 0410.

Taupo Museum and Art Gallery

Taupo Museum
November 8, 2010
National Services Te Paerangi

Next time you drive through Taupo, visit the Taupo Museum and Art Gallery in Story Place by the Tongariro Domain. The Museum, Shop and Art Gallery are open every day from 10.00 – 4.30 except Christmas Day and Good Friday.