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June Farley of Whatipu posting a letter in 1940., TC8412Stafford Street South, Timaru N.Z.; Ferrier, William; 1900-1906; 2177Soldiers in the 1916 war.; PH2012.0030Pattern; Elizabeth Laird (1814-1892); Circa 1850-1870; XFH.470Map [Parcel Posting Zones]; Post Office; [?]; 2010.449Fire Engine [Merryweather]; Merryweather and Sons Limited; 1907-1908; 1982.62.8Tea set  made of pine needles
; Phoebe Pinfold (b.1883, d.1969); 1939; 2003/53/1Painted shell; John Philemon Backhouse (1845-1908) fl. 1871-1901; 1880-1886; 2009.47.1Badge, commemorative; [?]; c1965; CT06.4662Hat, 2004/0065Edwardian evening dress
; Unknown; c 1900; 93/128/24Burning of Boys College Nelson, 1/12/1904, FNJ half 115T. Walker's Patent Harpoon ship log., Thomas Walker & Son Ltd, After 1861, 13896Spoon, dessert; Potosi Silver Co; [?]; CT80.1198hMiniature Singer Sewing Machine, Singer Manufacturing Co., 38Plaster, 1880's, 1983.25.4.1Steamer The Colonial Cottage ; NZHPT 4001Ceremonial adze, 1997.246Linotype Printer, Linotype & Machinery Ltd.  John St  London United Kingdom, 42Newspaper, Daily News & Leader, London & Manchester, June 1914; Daily News & Leader; 29.06.1914; CT99.3028.5Bottle, medicine; G B Hutchins, Pharmaceutical Chemist; [?]; CT85.1682cSharpener, knife; Skyline; [?]; CT81.1557bCymbal Clapping Musical Monkey; 4Aerial View, Howick, 1972; January 1972; 0004916Chautauqua Art Desk, Lewis E. Meyers & Co.    Valparaiso U.S.A, c1913, 20Petrified Wood, 4.95.373Embroidered fichu collar; Unknown; late 19th early 20th Century; 1991_248Hamilton Jet Boat, 1956, 1957, 2287Targe (Gaelic shield); CS/3095Re-enactment of Treaty of Waitangi 1940, 97/1329Money box; New Zealand Post Office Savings Bank (New Zealander, estab. 1876); XOPO.52Tapa or Siapo cloth,  Samoa
; Pre 1925; 75/26/3Toilet and Cistern, Shanks & Co. Tubal Works    Barrhead United Kingdom, c1890s, 24Machine, sewing; Singer Manufacturing Co; 1907; CT08.4863Simpson and his Donkey; Horace Moore-Jones (1868-1922), English/NZ; 1915; 1956.045Mollusc Shell - Tridacna gigas (Giant clam)
; 82/22/606'Mackintosh's' Toffee and Chocolate tin.Flensing tool or blubber spade; XFH.407Cut-throat razor; Thomas R Cadman & Sons Ltd (estab. 1748, closed 1965); 1748-1965; XFH.73.1Photograph [Mataura Paper Mill employees]; unknown photographer; 1920-1940; MT2011.185.36Clock, chiming; Ansonia Clock Co.; 1850-1929; CT77.113Sno-cat, Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation, Circa 1954, A171.11Matchbox; R. Bell & Co.; Post 1832.; CT4055Oil Painting, Portrait of Jane Faulkner, 0623/971920's beaded 'flapper' evening dress; Unknown; c.1920's; 1990_978Booklets, crochet instruction; 20th century; 2011.122