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1922 Matchless Model H & Sidecar; Collier & Sons (T/A Matchless); 1922; CMM73

1922 Matchless Model H & Sidecar; Collier & Sons (T/A Matchless); 1922; CMM73
1922 Matchless Model H & Sidecar
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When civilian motorcycle production recommenced after the First World War, Matchless developed the Model H from the pre-war Model 8B and launched it in 1920. Production lasted until 1928. J.A.P. (980cc) or M.A.G. (996cc) V-twin engines with an automatic valve lifter coupled to the kick starter were used together with a Matchless-designed three-speed gearbox with hand shifter and foot clutch. The frame features sprung girder front forks and coil spring cantilever rear suspension.

The Model H was unusual in that it was offered only in combination with a sidecar and this M.A.G. engine example is equipped with a Matchless fully-floating and fully-sprung sidecar with passenger seat and a spare wheel and featuring anti-roll bracing between the rear wheel and sidecar. Matchless claimed that it could accelerate from 5mph (8kph) to 50mph (80kph) in top gear although Motor Cycling magazine achieved only 42mph (68kph) on test.

This 1922 combination's previous owner from Brentwood in Essex had owned it since 1971 and had used it regularly, albeit recording only modest overall distance during that period. He had it restored in 1989 by professional restorers in the UK. It was purchased for the NZ Classic Motorcycles collection in Nelson, NZ, via an auction in Staffordshire in April, 2008. It was acquired by Transport World in May 2016.

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