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Postal address iconPO Box 95 Lyttelton 8841
Web address iconhttp://www.lytteltonmuseum.co.nz
Email address iconinfo@lytteltonmuseum.co.nz
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Hours of operation iconLyttelton Museum is currently closed – the museum building sustained serious earthquake damage and was demolished in 2011. The collection is safely stored and we have exciting plans for the future. Thanks to the gift of land by the Christchurch City Council, we now have a site in the heart of Lyttelton on which to build a new museum and we have embarked on a major fundraising campaign. For details, see our website or http://www.facebook.com/lytteltonmuseum.

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Log book; Unknown; Unknown; 3387.1Diary; Whitcombe and Tombs Limited; Unknown; 4977.5Menu; Unknown; Unknown; 4977.6Record book; Unknown; Unknown; 3945.1Record book; Unknown; Unknown; 3945.2
Archaeology -View all (109)
Stone tool; Unknown; 143.1Adze; Unknown; 480.1Stone tool; Unknown; 138.1Stone tool; Unknown; 139.1Stone tool; Unknown; 141.1
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Periodical; William Stevens, Limited; Unknown; 128.1Periodical; Edward H. Marriner; 1929; 410.1Book; Reed Books Pty Ltd; 1984; 4275.1Book; Collins' Clear Type Press, London; Unknown; 134.1Prescription book; Unknown; Unknown; 2940.1
Natural Science -View all (636)
Geological specimen; 860.1Jawbone; 1136.1Taxidermied specimen; 90.1Skull; 69.1Whalebone; 841.1
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Photograph; Unknown; Unknown; 529.1Photograph; Unknown; Unknown; 530.1Framed photograph; Unknown; Unknown; 4600.1Photograph; Unknown; Unknown; 419.1Photograph; Unknown; Unknown; 419.11

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