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Photograph [25 of 42, McConnell Album] ; Hyne, W. Crown Studio (Gore); 1925; MT201...

Photograph [25 of 42, McConnell Album] ; Hyne, W. Crown Studio (Gore); 1925; MT2015.15.25
Photograph [25 of 42, McConnell Album]
About this object
Photograph; 25 of 42 from our copy of the McConnell Album. A compilation of six photographs taken in 1925 of the Mataura Dairy Factory with details of the company's returns for 1921-1925.

The Album was commissioned by Charles McConnell, the then mayor of the Mataura Borough Council. The Gore Historical Museum also has a copy of this album; that album has 5 more prints and they are generally in better condition. We have accessioned digital scans of the Gore Museum's Album in our collection as MT2012.72.1 to MT2012.72.47 (inclusive).

The photographs in our copy of this album are accessioned as MT2015.15.1 to MT2015.15.42 (inclusive).

Maker Role
photograph, black and white
Date Made
Medium and Materials
processed material, paper
Album: h 60mm x w 180mm x l 280mm, medium
Photograph: h140 mm x w 190mm, small

Subject and Association Keywords
industry/mataura dairy factory
Credit Line
From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated
Object Type
photograph album
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