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Cream Separator - Base; Alfa-Laval; C 1940; 2010.1.48 A

Cream Separator - Base; Alfa-Laval; C 1940; 2010.1.48 A
Cream Separator - Base
About this object
Cast iron stand, pedestal panel steel black and cream coloured. Stainless steel milk cover/vat/bowl, electric cord on right side. No oil 130 GPH. Stand 3 legs with bolt holes, 2 bolts where vat stand can go. Bolt in front & back goes inside through to bottom black base, small black piece poking out on left with hole on end to clip top black piece to cream piece.
Date Made
C 1940
Place Made
Medium and Materials
2010.1.48 A
Cast iron
Panel steel
staniless steel
2010.1.48 B
Stainless steel

Inscription and Marks
2010.1.48 A
Serial No. 105806
Brass label on right above cord - Alfa-Laval 108AE 120 gal Per min - made in sweden Alfa-Laval Separator Co (New Zealand Ltd) Hamilton
2010.1.48 B
16460 on bolw

2010.1.48 A
Height 870mm
Width 260mm
Length 740mm
2010.1.48 B
Height 200mm
Length 480mm
Circumference 700mm
Diameter 140mm

Object Type
Cream Separator
Object number
2010.1.48 A


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