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Cream Separator - Base; Diabolo; 1878; 2010.1.31 A

Cream Separator - Base; Diabolo; 1878; 2010.1.31 A
Cream Separator - Base
About this object
Green cast iron base
Green cast iron handle with wooden handle
Steel tin cream/milk cover with 2 spouts
Steel bowl
Bowl has own stand - cast iron to hold bowl
Spanner green - spare set of plates

Date Made
Place Made
Medium and Materials
2010.1.31 A
Cast iron
2010.1.31 B
2010.1.31 C
2010.1.31 D
2010.1.3 E

Inscription and Marks
2010.1.31 A
Vat with letters "S" and "O" in black writing raised
Gold wording on base raised
Brass oil cap x 3 - one cap missing
on handle D-10-2711 65 T per min
2010.1.31 B
Serial number 111381M on bowl base edge
2010.1.31 C
Letters "S" & "O" in black paint raised
Outlet hole in middle with soldering
2010.1.31 D
Stand has D66 written on it
Stand - 3 posts with 2 holes - diamond shape
2010.1.3 E
Each plate has a notch on side to show top and bottom

2010.1.31 A
Height 595mm
Width 180mm
Length 275mm
Diameter 355mm
2010.1.31 B
Height 145mm
Width 160mm
Lengrh 360mm
Diameter 120mm
2010.1.31 C
Height 195mm
Diameter 314mm
2010.1.31 D
Width Spanner - 45mm
Width Stand - 75mm
Length Spanner 135mm
Length Stand 80mm
2010.1.31 E
Height 40mm
Width 100mm
Diameter 100mm

Object Type
Cream Separator
Object number
2010.1.31 A



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Lyn08 Jan 2015 05:57 AM,UTC
I have had a Diabolo separator S90 for years and people have tried to buy it several times. It is in excellent condition and still works perfectly.

Can you tell me more about them and what they are worth. Thanks, Lyn
03 Feb 2011 03:38 AM,UTC
Hi Cathy, No sorry we have not had time to research the Diabolo brand. I personally have a sales rep's minature of the No 10 that I have to repair. All the parts work but it has lost a spout. Good luck restoring your separator. Shirley Collections manager JMM
Cathy24 Jan 2011 11:36 AM,UTC
I love your separator and was wondering if you knew any history on the Diabolo brand. I have just brought a Diabolo No 1 which is complete and in working order. I am now in to prosess of restoring it to new.

Regards Cathy