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Portage Ceramics Trust

The Portage Ceramics Trust was formed in 2005, in order to purchase and catalogue a large private collection of ceramics and pottery-making equipment. This collection relates to Crown Lynn Potteries Limited, a highly successful New Zealand company which operated from 1948 until 1989. Their products were in virtually every New Zealand home.

The Crown Lynn collection is very broad and represents the materials, styles, and techniques employed by the company. For example, it may contain a plaster cast of a particular shape, the mould it was cast from, a bisque example, and a glazed example. As well as that, the archive may contain a photograph of the item, or an entry in a price list or catalogue. Around half of the 6000 objects are the finished result of the process, and the rest are the tools, equipment, moulds and plaster models used to create them.

The Portage Ceramics Trust was anxious to ensure that the collection remained as close as possible to the New Lynn site where Crown Lynn operated, and a home has been found there for the collection.

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Postal address iconPO Box 15351 New Lynn Auckland 0640
Telephone number icon09 8277349
Web address iconhttp://portageceramicstrust.org.nz
Email address iconportageceramicstrust@gmail.com

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Physical address icon8 Ambrico Place New Lynn Auckland, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconTuesday to Friday 10am to 4pm CLOSED PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

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Price list - 1966, Crown Lynn Potteries Limited, 1966, 2008.1.1264Price list - 1962, Crown Lynn Potteries Limited, 1962, 2008.1.1265Index - Shape code of new numbers, Crown Lynn Potteries Limited, 1964-1978, 2008.1.1270Log book - modeller's, Tam Mitchell, Aug 1959-Nov 1964, 2008.1.1257Periodical - New Zealand Ceramics, Crown Lynn Potteries Limited, 1/10/1965, 2008.1.1272
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Photograph - Monterrey pattern, Unknown, 1965, 2008.1.1269Photograph - presentation in shop, Unknown, 1960-1969, 2008.1.1271

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