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Jonesonian Institute

The Jonesonian Institute (Museum and Gallery) is located in Huia Road, Huia, Waitakere City (15 K from Titirangi).

The Jonesonian Institute is a very small, eclectic museum and gallery after the style of museums such as the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.

The museum focusses on collecting and preserving memories, dreams and reflections and has pioneered a range of techniques for gathering memories with the ultimate aim of enabling memory transplants so that it will be possible, for example, for everyone to have had a happy childhood.

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Contact Details
Postal address iconP.O. Box 60193, Titirangi, Auckland 0642.
Telephone number icon64-9-8118741
Email address iconjonesonian@live.com
Staff iconMuseum staff include a curator, J I Sutherland, and a photographic artist who has produced a digital record of many of the items.

Visitor Information
Physical address iconHuia Road, HUIA, Waitakere City (15 K from Titirangi), New Zealand
Hours of operation iconViewing by appointment only. Appointments available most weekends and Wednesdays.

Parking for small cars. Donations appreciated. Items for sale.