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Kaitaka Ngore; 2911

Kaitaka Ngore; 2911
Kaitaka Ngore
About this object
A handwoven Korowai, which is believed to have been used by Te Kooti at some point. The korowai is made of harakeke with woollen decorative elements. The cloak would have been tied at the shoulders and gone almost to the ankles.
Medium and Materials
The Korowai is handmade of woven flax, which has had red and purple died wool attached as a fringe and as baubles sporadically around the main surface. At some point there were black muka tassels spread amongst the baubles.
Length 1460mm (57 1/2")
Width 1640mm (64 9/16")

Subject and Association Description
The korowai is believed to have been worn by Te Kooti prior to 1878. The cloak was given to Mrs Elizabeth Hutchinson, who lived on a farm at Orakau, for feeding Te Kooti’s followers. In 1878 the cloak was taken by Miss Annie Hutchinson back to England where it stayed as a decorative piece until it returned to New Zealand in 1965.
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