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Welcome to one of the world’s best Museums!

Discover the richness and vibrancy of the southern region through outstanding collections covering culture, nature and science.

Whether you have an hour to spare or a day to enjoy, you'll find something to inspire, enlighten or excite you.

Don’t miss Dunedin’s hottest attraction – the Tropical Forest at Discovery World. Enter a lush, living, tropical environment and come face to face with some of nature’s most beautiful butterflies. Hundreds of these enchanting creatures roam free all around you – some even stopping (on you) to say hello!

For a truly uplifting experience, head to an eternal summer at the Otago Museum!

Collection Type
Historic Site, History, Maritime, Natural History, Pacific, Science, Taonga Maori, Technology

Contact Details
Postal address iconPO Box 6202, Dunedin 9059
Telephone number icon64 3 474 7474
Web address iconhttp://www.otagomuseum.govt.nz
Email address iconmail@otagomuseum.govt.nz

Visitor Information
Physical address icon419 Great King Street, Dunedin, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconDaily 10am-5pm Closed Christmas Day
Charges iconEntry to the Museum is free, though donations are gratefully accepted. On rare occasions there may be a charge for special exhibitions, though the Museum endeavours to provide free exhibitions wherever possible. Admission charges apply to the Discovery World Tropical Forest.

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The Otago Museums offers a rich and varied community programmes schedule with plenty of tours, gallery talks, films, lectures and visitor activities available for all ages. Extensive research facilities, including the Search Centre are free for public use.


What's on

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WMBADx: Idea Worth Spreading

Robbie Nicol, also known as White Man Behind a Desk and described by the Sunday Star Times as the Kiwi John Oliver, has abandoned his comedy web series on Facebook, YouTube and TVNZ On Demand to become an extremely ...

Dates: 27-Sep-2018, 28-Sep-2018, 29-Sep-2018

The Best Gallery Quest

Since its establishment in 1868, the Otago Museum has collected more than1.5 million objects from all around the globe! Take yourself on a quest to discover some of our tastiest, quirkiest and biggest items – and more ...

Dates: 28-Sep-2018, 29-Sep-2018, 30-Sep-2018, 01-Oct-2018, 02-Oct-2018, 03-Oct-2018 View more sessions

Quest for Science

To celebrate Otago Museum's 150th year and inspired by our est. 1868 exhibition we've created a brand new live science show! Come and explore some of the darkest, smallest, eeriest, sweetest and brightest science in ...

Dates: 29-Sep-2018, 29-Sep-2018, 30-Sep-2018, 01-Oct-2018, 02-Oct-2018, 03-Oct-2018 View more sessions

Explorers Club

School Holiday Programme: Magnificently Mesmerising Maps Are you feeling a little lost? Come and learn how to navigate a path through the world as we explore the world of maps. Monday 1 October. Cats and Dogs It’s ...

Dates: 30-Sep-2018, 01-Oct-2018, 02-Oct-2018, 03-Oct-2018, 04-Oct-2018, 07-Oct-2018 View more sessions

Best Makerspace

Self-guided, family-friendly activity. Get crafty these school holidays and help us celebrate 150 years of collecting amazing treasures. Influenced by the est. 1868 exhibition, create your own Indonesian shadow ...

Dates: 30-Sep-2018, 01-Oct-2018, 02-Oct-2018, 03-Oct-2018, 04-Oct-2018

Museum Bus Loop

Park once and spend the day at some of the city's best attractions! Want to spend a day out with the kids these holidays, but just the thought of parking in the city is doing your head in? Park once and jump on the ...

Dates: 30-Sep-2018, 01-Oct-2018, 02-Oct-2018, 03-Oct-2018, 04-Oct-2018, 07-Oct-2018 View more sessions

It's Broke, So Let's Fix It

Reimagining legal solutions to miscarriages of justice. October 2 marks the fifth annual Wrongful Conviction Day, an international day to raise awareness of the causes and remedies of miscarriages of justice, and ...

Dates: 02-Oct-2018

Make Our Lei!

Help make our lei! Create your own Pacific-inspired paper flower and add it to our communal artwork.

Dates: 07-Oct-2018, 08-Oct-2018, 09-Oct-2018, 10-Oct-2018, 11-Oct-2018

Creative Pasifika

Display and performances. Pottery vessels were made and traded between the people living on many western Oceanic islands.They are part of the story of the exploration and settlement of the Pacific. Discover more ...

Dates: 07-Oct-2018, 08-Oct-2018, 09-Oct-2018, 10-Oct-2018, 11-Oct-2018, 12-Oct-2018 View more sessions

Pacific Patterns Makerspace

Self-guided, family-friendly activity. Taking inspiration from the traditional pots and treasures on display in the Pacific Cultures gallery, sew your own Polynesian-influenced basket, and use the materials provided ...

Dates: 07-Oct-2018, 08-Oct-2018, 09-Oct-2018, 10-Oct-2018, 11-Oct-2018

Dawn of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

Beatrice Tinsley 2018 Lecture Tour. Delve into the mysterious world of colliding black holes and gravitational wave astronomy with Dr Paul Groot, professor of astronomy at Radboud University in the Netherlands. ...

Dates: 18-Oct-2018

Anthonie Tonnon: A Synthesized Universe

Following the sell out success of the NZ International Science Festival season in July, Otago Museum is extremely pleased to have a return season of Anthonie Tonnon’s A Synthesized Universe. Anthonie Tonnon has ...

Dates: 31-Oct-2018, 31-Oct-2018, 02-Nov-2018, 02-Nov-2018, 03-Nov-2018, 03-Nov-2018 View more sessions

Yoga With the Butterflies

Hot Yoga Dunedin class: exercise with a difference, alongside the butterflies in our Tropical Forest! Hot Yoga Dunedin instructors lead a gentle hatha yoga class focusing on moving slowly through basic poses and using ...

Dates: 08-Nov-2018, 07-Feb-2019

Trees In a Changing Environment

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 60% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2030, placing increased spatial and environmental constraints on the urban forest. The area surrounding an ...

Dates: 09-Nov-2018

Critical Thinking In Arboriculture

Advances in science and technology are progressing at a faster rate than they are being applied in the field. In this presentation, arborist Mark Roberts will look at how science can be used to improve the efficiency of ...

Dates: 09-Nov-2018