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Index card: OPAWA (1876).; Bill Laxon

Index card: OPAWA (1876).; Bill Laxon
Index card: OPAWA (1876).; Bill LaxonIndex card: OPAWA (1876).; Bill Laxon
Index card: OPAWA (1876).
About this object
From the Bill Laxon Collection, a collection of around 250,000 index cards focussed mainly on 20th century shipping. Each ship's card gives details such as build date, any alternative names and references to the ship found in serials and books. Each card has a photograph which Bill Laxon collected from a variety of sources. The collection took volunteers nine years to alphabetise.
Image credt: Sailing ship "Opawa" berthed at Port Chalmers. Ref: 1/1-002526-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

Medium and Materials
Cardboard/Paper, 0 - Whole
Black and White Print/Photographic Print/Photographic, Audio and Visual

Height (mm): 100mm (5/16ft)
Width: 165mm (9/16ft)

Subject and Association Keywords
OPAWA (1876)/Union Steam Ship Company/Shipping Lines/[Shipping]
Port Chalmers/Otago Harbour/Otago Region/New Zealand
Bill Laxon Collection
Credit Line
Gift of Bill Laxon
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