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Kaiparoro Historic House Museum

This historic house, built in 1911, and now functioning as an international artist residency, offers house tours in summers. Original woodwork throughout and beautiful brass doorhandles and doorplates. A built-in steel safe in hallway and steep stairs to an 11 ft high loft workshop, along with working vice and unique dormer window, evoke the world of clockmaker Christopher Burton, who lived here from 1911 into the 1940s. All external and internal walls are solid concrete. Part of one wall is exposed to reveal vertical rebars and horizontal fencing wire inside hand-poured concrete. Story boards present three stories: Kaiparoro Stories, Past and Present;The Making of the Anzac Memorial Bridge,( which is across the road); Danish and Norwegian Connections. The museum also offers an interactive recording of life stories in the Little Hand Museum.

Collection Type
Art, Historic Site, History

Contact Details
Postal address iconNew Pacific Studio Mt Bruce RD1 Masterton 5921
Telephone number icon06-375-8441
Web address iconhttp://www.newpacificstudio.org
Email address iconnewpacificstudio@xtra.co.nz

Visitor Information
Physical address iconNew Pacific Studio State Highway 2 Masterton 5921, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconJanuary- April Fridays- Sundays 2-4 pm and by special agreement.
Charges icon$10 adults, includes afternoon tea. Children under 16 free.

Ample parking in driveway. Take care in entering. If approaching from south, it is safest to pass the house and make a U-turn in Kaiparoro Road. 3 wc. Working 3-4 day retreats for focus on creative pursuits are also open to all. See website http://www.newpacificstudio.org (under Retreat)