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Water pump; W & B Douglas Midd. Connecticut U.S.A.; 1880's; 2008-04

Water pump, W & B Douglas    Midd. Connecticut U.S.A., 1880's, 2008-04
Water pump
About this object
Large hydraulic water pump, uses the kinetic energy of water in a pipe to compress air in the dome. When the one valve shuts a second valve opens allowing the air pressure to push the water through a second pipe.The ram pump, as it was known, was made in various sizes. TATATM has a number of these pumps on display.
Maker Role
Date Made
Medium and Materials
Cast steel
Subject and Association Description
Hydraulic water pump, called ram, originally used at Whangamomona to keep the water tank full for the railway steam engines. These pumps do not require any other motive power.
Credit Line
Gift to TATATM
Object Type
Water pump
Object number


4 77 10

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Ken Pinkerton20 Sep 2018 01:00 AM,UTC
The pump is missing a small valve on the side that goes up and down creating pressure inside the dome where, I believe a flap valves allows it to build up pressure and push water uphill, higher than the original water source. It uses a lot of water to pump water, but it requires no other power source.