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This romantic timber mansion began as a farmhouse in 1863 and was later expanded to 18 rooms, with fairy-tale decorative verandahs and towers. It was owned by the Kerr Taylors, a leading family in Mount Albert, until it was left to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust (now Heritage New Zealand) in 1972. Allan Kerr Taylor was a landowner, investor and provincial and local body politician. His wife Sophia was an outspoken advocate of the vote for women, as well as a singer, gardener and mother of 10. She ran the estate for 40 years after her husband’s death, with her three unmarried daughters running it for a further 40 years.

Alberton was famous in the 19th century for its balls, hunts, garden parties and music. It contains a wealth of original family furniture and other possessions, and several rooms retain their 19th century wallpapers.

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Historic Site

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Postal address icon100 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert, Auckland
Telephone number icon64-9-846 7367
Web address iconhttp://www.heritage.org.nz/places/places-to-visit/auckland-region/alberton
Email address iconalberton@heritage.co.nz

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Physical address icon100 Mt Albert Road, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconWednesday - Sunday 10.30am - 4.30pm
Charges iconAdults: $10 Children free Unaccompanied children $3.50 Please understand that surcharges may apply at times of special events.

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Diary [The Royal Pocket Book, 1862, Patty and Allan Kerr Taylor]; 1862; XAH.A.25Book, 'An Odd Lot'; Walter Gordon, Thomas Hailes Lacy; XAH.C.1097Concert programme clipping [Kia-Tere Hockey Club, 1906]; 1906; XAH.GH.59Book, 'May's Guide to Farming in New Zealand'; Joseph May, George T Chapman, W Atkins (estab. 19th Century); Circa 1869; XAH.C.270Book, 'The Natural History of the Feline'; Sir William Jardine, Stirling and Kenney, W H Lizars; 1832; XAH.GH.122
History -View all (13)
Piano; Erard (estab. 1777, closed 1971); 1906; XAH.Y.51.1Scrimshaw horn; Circa 1861; XAH.V.32.2Scrimshaw horn; XAH.V.32.1Toy [Horse and cart]; Circa 1912; XAH.GH.125Ear trumpet; XAH.O.64
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Book, 'Elementa Latina'; W. H. Morris; 1888; XAH.C.892Book, 'Dr Ahn's First French Course'; Dr Ahn, J. J. B. Poclet; 1877; XAH.C.1065Book, 'Lessons in Elementary Chemistry'; Henry E. Roscoe; 1882; XAH.C.939Book, 'Inorganic Chemistry; William Jago; 1886; XAH.C.813Book, 'Barnard Smith's School Arithmetic'; Barnard Smith; 1865; XAH.C.884
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Cabinet photograph [Sophia Kerr Taylor and children]; J W Edwards (estab. 1880s); Post 1885; XAH.GH.2.4Print, Untitled [The late Mrs Cowie, widow of The Late Primate]; Circa 1895-1902; XAH.Z.47Photograph [Winifred Kerr Taylor]; 1896; XAH.GH.56Cabinet photograph [depicting Violet and Thora Daisy Kerr Taylor]; R H Bartlett; 19th Century; XAH.GH.2.30Carte de viste, untitled [Thora Daisy and Violet Kerr Taylor]; G Redfern (estab. 19th century); Pre 1885; XAH.GH.3.105

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