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Kahu Huruhuru; A79.997

Kahu Huruhuru, A79.997
Kahu Huruhuru
About this object
This cloak has a muka kaupapa woven in horizontal rows of whatu-aho-rua. Aho spaced at 10mm intervals. Five whenu to every 10mm. Feathers woven in every fourth whenu. Feathers arranged in white rectangles or checkered boxes edged in blue/black. Areas of Kaka and long tailed Cuckoo at lower side edges. The whole cloak edged in Kiwi feathers.
Medium and Materials
Muka (Flax Fibre), Kiwi Feathers, Kereru Feathers, Kaka Feathers, Tui Feathers
Object Type
Feather Cloak
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