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E ngā mana, e ngā reo, e nga iwi o ngā hau e whā, tēnā koutou
Nau mai haere mai ki Puke Ariki

Puke Ariki stands on what was a great pā site, Puke Ariki (The Hill of the Chief). The complex, which was opened in 2003, is now a knowledge centre for Taranaki history, library and information. Puke Ariki has great significance for Taranaki and its people. It is a place where all people can meet.

Puke Ariki tells the stories of Taranaki through collections, exhibitions, programmes and digital technology. This centre aims to inspire and link our past to the future and to the world for everyone to learn and enjoy.

Puke Ariki’s extensive heritage collection is divided into four main areas: Taonga Māori, Social History, Pictorial and Archives. All of these collections are Taranaki focused and they provide an unparalleled resource for anyone interested in Taranaki’s heritage.

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Art, History, Military, Natural History, Taonga Maori, Technology

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Postal address iconPrivate Bag 2025, New Plymouth
Telephone number icon64-6-759 6060
Web address iconhttp://www.pukeariki.com
Email address iconimages@pukeariki.com

Visitor Information
Physical address icon1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconMon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 9am – 6pm Wednesday, 9am – 9pm Sat, Sun, 9am – 5pm
Charges iconAdmission is free (some temporary exhibitions are charged).

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Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosuars

Step back in time 290 million years to when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs. ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Permian Monsters: Low Sensory Experience

Experience Life Before the Dinosaurs, without the noise. Our Permian Monsters exhibition will be a quiet space every Wednesday evening. This is an opportunity for those that wish to check out the exhibition, on the ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 22-Aug-2018, 29-Aug-2018

The Life and Times of Supervolcanoes With Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson studies volcanoes - in particular, supervolcanoes. He likens his work to that of a crime scene investigator, where he travels the world piecing together the dual puzzle of why such cataclysmic explosions ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 05-Sep-2018

Hina: Celebrating Taranaki Women

Hina: Celebrating Taranaki Women is an acknowledgement and celebration of women. It features the stories of 11 Taranaki women from all walks of life, from Taranaki’s early history to the present. Alongside these 11 ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 06-Sep-2018, 07-Sep-2018, 08-Sep-2018, 09-Sep-2018, 10-Sep-2018, 11-Sep-2018 View more sessions

World Qigong Day

Taranaki Tai Chi Chuan Association is proud to provide Tai Chi and Qigong throughout the province. Once again this year thousands of people around the world will join together to practice Health Qigong at 10am their ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 07-Sep-2018

Waiata - Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Celebrate reo Taranaki with a Puke Ariki and Govett-Brewster Art Gallery collaboration. There will be free public waiata sessions in our beautiful Mounga Gallery. Reacquaint yourself with some familiar golden tunes, ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 10-Sep-2018, 14-Sep-2018

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic showcases some of the most engaging photographs spanning the magazine’s 130-year history. From Steve McCurry’s iconic Afghan Girl to Michael “Nick” Nichols’s ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 18-Sep-2018, 19-Sep-2018, 20-Sep-2018, 21-Sep-2018, 22-Sep-2018, 23-Sep-2018 View more sessions

Suffrage Day Peace Project

Drop in to help build artist Viv Davy’s installation by adding your message of peace and equality to doves made from recycled milk bottles. Inspired by the work of feminist, pacifist and environmentalist Elsie Andrews. ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 18-Sep-2018

Puke Ariki George Mason Scholarship Lectures

The Puke Ariki George Mason Scholarships are awarded annually to enable young graduates to pursue a course of study relating to the Taranaki region and its natural world. Join us to hear from this year’s two ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 07-Nov-2018

Raymond Antrobus: Workshop

You'll explore your emotional history and examine how to make your writing poetic and cinematic. Bookings essential. Open to ages 15 and over. Limited spaces, call 06-759 6060 to book.

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 08-Nov-2018

Night of Illusion

Trick your eyes, satisfy your curiosity and challenge your thinking. This mysterious and memorable launch event will entertain and delight! Be among the first to experience Illusion: Nothing is as it Seems! Cash ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 09-Nov-2018

Illusion: Nothing Is As It Seems

Should we always believe what we see right in front of us? Can you trust your senses? Has technology made things clearer, or muddied the waters between reality and fiction? And is anything really as it seems? All of ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 09-Nov-2018, 10-Nov-2018, 11-Nov-2018, 12-Nov-2018, 13-Nov-2018, 14-Nov-2018 View more sessions

Language Revitalisation Lecture With Riro Pakomio

Te Pito o te Henua, Rapanui, is the eastern-most island of the Pacific triangle. Dutch explorer Roggeveen in 1722 ‘named’ this land Easter Island simply because he encountered it on Easter Sunday. Rapanui ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 13-Nov-2018

Women’s History From the Puke Ariki Collection

Join historian Barbara Brookes and Puke Ariki curators as they explore the history of New Zealand women through objects and artworks from the museum’s extensive collection. This engaging presentation will encourage ...

Region:New Plymouth
Dates: 30-Nov-2018