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Spes or Hope ; ; Edward Burne-Jones; 1871; 1-1934

Spes or Hope
; Edward Burne-Jones; 1871; 1-1934
Spes or Hope

Date Made
Medium and Materials
Watercolour, bodycolour and gold on paper

Credit Line
Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Gifted 1934 by the National Art Collections Fund, London.

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Will11 Aug 2012 00:06 AM,UTC
How much would a pencil drawing of this image go for at auction? Under a strong lens it has gold shavings visible on the left foot, as well as eraser filings, and at least one peice of pencil lead embedded in it. There are letters and characters beneath the drawing which are only visible with a magnifying glass. Where her eyes look past her raised hands there is a stick figure drawing of what appears to be an angel with the word fog written beside it. Underneath that there seems to be some other sort of message inscribed, but I can't make out what the whole thing says, only what appears to be O.S.R., which is written elsewhere on the drawing as well. It is in a vintage frame that dates back to at least 1907, with original glass( showing air bubbles and ripples embedded within), and I bought it from an antique store whose owner said she got it from an estate sale in Terra Haute, IN.