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Apothecary scales; 1800s; 2836

Apothecary scales, 1800s, 2836
Apothecary scales
About this object
This small set with glass pans can be dismantled and stored in the box base. The apothecary (now called a chemist) used these scales to measure out tiny amounts of drugs and medicines. The basis of the apothecary system is the grain (actually, a barley grain): 20 grains (gr) = 1 scruple, 3 scruples = 1 dram, 8 drams = 1 apothecary's ounce. (Today's kilogram would convert to roughly 15,430 grains). This set belonged to Dr John Danforth Greenwood, a well known early settler to the area, who was very involved in his community, as was his wife Sarah, a renowned artist and diarist.
Date Made
Medium and Materials
Brass and wood
Greenwood Collection
Credit Line
Used by Dr J D Greenwood
Object Type
Object number


Apothecary equipment

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