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Whale bone vertebra; XFH.67

Whale bone vertebra; XFH.67
Whale bone vertebra
About this object
Whale bone vertebra; some of the processes have broken off.

Initially, whaling provided a livelihood for the original occupants of Fyffe House; whale oil was a commodity often in high demand, as was at times baleen or whale bone. Whale bone was also used as a building material. The cooper’s wing of Fyffe House rests on whale bone piles.

For more information about Fyffe House, which is cared for by Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga, visit our website.

Including centrum: 8 x 18 x 18cm
Including processes: 8 x 27.3 x 18cm

Credit Line
Collection of Fyffe House, Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga
Object Type
Whale bone
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