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Te Manawa's programme includes a variety of collection based and hand's on, interactive exhibitions developed in house, as well as national and international touring shows. In the courtyard stand two historic buildings, Totaranui Settlers Cottage and Awahou South Schoolhouse.

"Pacific Monarch" in front of Te Manawa.
Paul Dibble
Pacific Monarch, 1992
Collection of Te Manawa Art Society Inc.
Gertrude Raikes Bequest

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Art, Historic Site, History, Natural History, Science, Taonga Maori, Technology

Contact Details
Postal address iconPrivate Bag 11 055, Palmerston North
Telephone number icon64-6-355 5000
Web address iconhttp://www.temanawa.co.nz
Email address iconenquiries@temanawa.co.nz

Visitor Information
Physical address icon326 Main Street, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconDaily 10am-5pm
Charges iconFree Entry / Koha

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Te Rangi Whenua

Open daily, Te Taiwhanga o Te Rangi Whenua (Te Rangi Whenua Gallery) shares the stories of iwi groups in the Manawatū, Rangitīkei and Horowhenua regions. The unique gallery walls feature interwoven panels, decorated ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Manawatū Journeys

Open Daily, a journey through our shared history - the stories and of the pioneers who shaped the land as we know it today. The Manawatū has always been a place that people have journeyed through, some stay for a long ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Kids TM

Open daily, Kids TM is a vibrant, interactive, playful space at Te Manawa for children up to the age of eight and their caregivers. One of our long-term exhibitions, it gives children the chance to learn through play ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Te Awa – The River, Heart of Manawatū

Te Awa – The River, Heart of the Manawatū explores our river from different angles: meet our local wildlife, learn about the river's history, explore how we use water and discover how our region was formed. Come and ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

The Secrets of Mona Lisa

Even for those who have been lucky enough to admire the Mona Lisa herself in Paris, "The Secrets of Mona Lisa" paints her in a new and revolutionary light. Grande Exhibitions’ latest offering presents the findings ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 19-Aug-2018, 20-Aug-2018, 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Water Room

The Water Room is setting sail with a new programme of activities that concentrates on learning through play for toddlers and young children. It will be open to the public from Thursday to Sunday. Each week has a ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018, 23-Aug-2018, 24-Aug-2018, 25-Aug-2018 View more sessions

Active Tots

A programme for the under-5s, focused on self-directed play and exploration.

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 19-Aug-2018, 26-Aug-2018, 02-Sep-2018, 09-Sep-2018, 16-Sep-2018, 23-Sep-2018 View more sessions

NOA Open Studio

Come join NOA for twice-weekly facilitated drawing sessions in the Te Manawa foyer. NOA is both an acronym for Notes Of Art and Te Reo for “an area without restriction, safe and open for everyone” - all are ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 21-Aug-2018, 22-Aug-2018, 28-Aug-2018, 29-Aug-2018, 04-Sep-2018, 05-Sep-2018 View more sessions

Da Vinci's Studio

Learn how to make traditional egg tempera from scratch just like a Renaissance painter. Use your paint to explore painting techniques and make your own masterpiece! Includes a visit to 'The Secrets of Mona Lisa' ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 21-Aug-2018

Weekend Discovery Time

Join the Weekend Discovery Time team on their weekend-long journey of exploration and learning. Activities and crafts span the breadth of art, science and history, taking in things like robots, Shakespeare, cooking ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 17-Aug-2018, 18-Aug-2018, 24-Aug-2018, 25-Aug-2018, 31-Aug-2018, 01-Sep-2018 View more sessions

Manawatū Embroiderers' Guild

Join the skilled needles of the Embroiderers' Guild to pick up a few tips, join in on creative projects or just for a chat!

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 25-Aug-2018, 22-Sep-2018, 27-Oct-2018, 24-Nov-2018, 22-Dec-2018, 26-Jan-2019 View more sessions

Heritage Building Tours

The Te Manawa site includes two historic buildings: the Awahou schoolhouse and the cottage, Totaranui, believed to be the oldest residence in Palmerston North. Guided tours of these buildings are now available, on ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 27-Aug-2018, 30-Aug-2018, 03-Sep-2018, 06-Sep-2018, 10-Sep-2018, 13-Sep-2018 View more sessions

The Great Mona Lisa Heist

Gather your sneakiest friends for a moonlighting adventure like no other! Te Manawa’s new exhibition 'The Secrets of Mona Lisa' puts the spotlight on one of the world’s most famous paintings. Soon there will be ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 31-Aug-2018, 31-Aug-2018, 31-Aug-2018

Te Manawa Overload

Te Manawa is turning out the lights and teaming up with the crew from Lazer Overload to bring you an evening of exciting laser action. Assemble an 8-person team of laser tag comrades and sharpen your instincts. Do ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 01-Sep-2018, 01-Sep-2018, 01-Sep-2018, 01-Sep-2018, 01-Sep-2018, 01-Sep-2018 View more sessions

Mona Lisa Tours

Join Leonardi Da Vinci (actor Ken Benn) to uncover “The Secrets of Mona Lisa.” Leonardo da Vinci appears in person to share tales from his extraordinary life during the Renaissance period, when he lived and ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 01-Sep-2018, 07-Oct-2018

Da Vinci Desserts

Explore The Secrets of Mona Lisa exhibition with a little something extra. Enjoy a curated selection of five French and Italian treats and a glass of bubbles, to accompany an evening spent with the world’s most famous ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 07-Sep-2018, 21-Sep-2018, 05-Oct-2018

Manawatū Woodworkers' Guild

The craftspeople of the Manawatū Woodworkers' Guild are masters of chisel and lathe. Come and see them transform chunks of wood into works of art.

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 08-Sep-2018, 13-Oct-2018, 10-Nov-2018, 08-Dec-2018

Those Who Would Not Serve

The military defaulters of Manawatu and Horowhenua. This talk, by Margaret Tate, discusses this topic in a local setting, with specific mention of Palmerston North’s most noteworthy WWI objector, Mark Briggs, and ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 13-Sep-2018

Mona Lisa Breakfasts

Start your day with an exclusive viewing of The Secrets of Mona Lisa and a Continental Breakfast. A Continental Breakfast is a lighter-style breakfast, as served in European hotels. Breakfast includes toast, ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 14-Sep-2018, 12-Oct-2018

Mona Lisa Talks

See the Mona Lisa in a new light with our series of informative talks looking at the history, mythology and care of the world's most famous portrait. Our panel of experts includes: July 14: "The Greatest Painting in ...

Region:Palmerston North
Dates: 18-Aug-2018, 16-Sep-2018

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Edward VIII Coronation Tea Set
; Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd (estab. 1812); 1936-1937; 004 - 006Japanese ceremonial uniform
; Kirkcaldie and Stains Ltd, and L.P. Robert & Co. Ltd. (New Zealand, estab. 1874); 1897; 378Edwardian evening dress
; Unknown; c 1900; 93/128/24Tea cup and saucer
; 1925; 74/377/1  Armadillo's shell needle work basket; c.1912; 75/137
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Mollusc Shell - Tridacna gigas (Giant clam)
; 82/22/606Mounted Huia, 97/118/2New Zealand kingfisher - Halycon sancta or Kotare.
; 97/55/3Taxidermied morepork - Ninox novaeseelandiae - or Ruru.
; Rangitikei District; 97/55/4
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Black and white photograph of Moa footprints; Mr  Tremaine , George; 1912; 74/61/1

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