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Aircraft [Percival Gull Replica]; Bob Miles; 2006.302

Aircraft [Percival Gull Replica]
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Model aircraft (Percival Gull) Reg. No.G-ADPR (replica of Jean Batten's) 1/5 scale with small engine fitted capable of radio-controlled flight. This is a low-wing monoplane with a covered cockpit. The undercarriage is fixed and spatted, i.e. the rubber wheels have a semi-circular cover over them. The model is made up of plywood covered with fabric and dope. This model was built by a Captain Bob Miles whose reference is made on the photograph in the Pioneers of Aviation building, ground level, which depicts Jean Batten holding the same model standing inside the jet engine of a DC-10.
Maker Role
L 1635 W 2340mm (L 64 3/8 W 92 1/8")

Subject and Association Keywords
Batten, Jean Gardner, 1909-1982
Percival Gull
Models and modelmaking
Jean Batten Collection
Credit Line
The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)
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