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Aeroplane [Cessna A188 AGwagon]; Cessna Aircraft Company; 2005.75

Aeroplane [Cessna A188 AGwagon]; Cessna Aircraft Company; 2005.75
Aeroplane [Cessna A188 AGwagon]
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Livery: White, brown and green, propeller - 3 blades, grey with two stripes on end of each. Labelled "Phoenix"
The Agwagon is a specialised agricultural aircraft which Cessna decided to develop after an extensive survey into the requirements of the operators of such aircraft.
Model A188 Agwagon is fitted with a 300 HP Continental IO-520-D engine, driving a McCauley D2A34C58/90AT-4, two-blade constant-speed propeller (diameter 2184 mm).
Type: Single-seat agricultural monoplane.
Wings: Braced low-wing monoplane with single streamline-section bracing strut each side. Wing section NACA 2412 from root to inboard tip, symmetrical tip. Aspect ratio 8.1. Chord 1630 mm at root, 1130 mm at tip. Dihedral 0° on centre-section, 6° on top surface on outer wings. Incidence 1° 30' at root, -1° 30' at tip. All metal structure with mechanically operated NACA all-metal single-slotted flaps inboard of Frise all-metal ailerons.
Fuselage: Rectangular-section welded steel-tube structure with removable metal skin panels forward of cabin. All-metal semi-monocoque rear fuselage.
Tail unit: Cantilever all-metal structure. Fixed-incidence tailplane. Trim-tab in starboard elevator.
Landing gear: Non-retractable tail-wheel type. Spring steel cantilever main legs. Tapered tubular tail-wheel spring shock-absorber. Main brake.
Power Plant: One Continental 6-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine (details under model listings above), driving McCauley two-blade metal propeller. Metal fuel tank aft of firewall, capacity 37 US gallons (140 litres). Oil capacity 3 US gallons (11.5 litres).
Accommodation: Pilot only, on vertically and longitudinally adjustable seat, in enclosed cabin. Steel overturn structures. Combined window and door on each side, hinged at bottom. Heating and ventilation standard. Baggage space beneath fuel tank.
Electronics and equipment: Optional items include ARC transceiver and omni equipment, position lights, instrument lights, rotating beacon and landing lights. Standard agricultural equipment includes a 200 US gallon (757 litres) or 1,800 lb. (816 kg) capacity glass-fibre hopper, located approximately in the centre of the CG range and suitable for dust or liquids. Optional Transland spray and dust equipment is available. Spray booms are located slightly aft and below wing trailing-edges and give effective swath width of up to 70 ft. (2130 mm). Wire-cutting cable from cockpit canopy to top of fin.
Maximum cruising speed: 230FP (70% power) at 5,000 ft. (1,525 m) 116 mph (188 kph).
230CS (75% power) at 6,500 ft. (1,980 m) 128 mph (206 kph).
300 (75% power) at 6,500 ft. (1,980 m) 141 mph (227 kph).

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H 2250 L 7700 W 12310mm (H 88 9/16 L 303 1/8 W 484 5/8")
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The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT)
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