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Play. Think. Create. Learn. Discover. Creativity is for everyone.

Our commitment to creative practice has no limits, spanning everything from art and design to hip hop, fashion, science and business. We are dedicated to showcasing innovations in creativity that drive human progress and understanding at all levels: culturally, socially, spiritually, and economically.

As long as creativity abounds, no media, subject or sector is out of question. The Dowse Art Museum invites people from all walks of life to engage in and experience creativity. Our focus is on delivering experiences that are inspiring, accessible, adventurous and entrepreneurial.

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Gavin Hipkins: The Domain

New Zealand artist Gavin Hipkins’ career is characterised by a remarkable fluidity, spanning a wide range of photographic media, from slide transparencies to photograms to moving image. Please note: The Domain ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 22-Mar-2018, 23-Mar-2018, 24-Mar-2018

Doreen Blumhardt: Jet-Powered Meteor

Once described by colleagues as a ‘jet-powered meteor’, Dame Doreen Blumhardt (1914–2009) was a unique figure in the Aotearoa New Zealand pottery scene. From craft education to advocacy, hosting and publishing, ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 22-Mar-2018, 23-Mar-2018, 24-Mar-2018, 25-Mar-2018, 26-Mar-2018, 27-Mar-2018 View more sessions

The Language of Things

Precious things aren’t always made from precious materials—and jewellery is no exception. The intimacy of jewellery worn on the body gives us a unique way of showing who we are and what’s important to us. This ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 22-Mar-2018, 23-Mar-2018, 24-Mar-2018, 25-Mar-2018, 26-Mar-2018, 27-Mar-2018 View more sessions

Billy’s Apple

In 1962, Barrie Bates bleached his hair and eyebrows with Lady Clairol Instant Creme Whip and changed his name to Billy Apple. The image of the apple has since become a recurring motif for the artist, and has been ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 22-Mar-2018, 23-Mar-2018, 24-Mar-2018, 25-Mar-2018, 26-Mar-2018, 27-Mar-2018 View more sessions

Pottery In Aotearoa New Zealand

Blumhardt Foundation trustees and ceramic specialists Simon Manchester and Brian Wood in conversation about the history of pottery in Aotearoa and what makes a good pot.

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 24-Mar-2018

Oil and Gas in NZ - Community Education Day

This is a rare opportunity to learn more about the connections between New Zealand's oil and gas industry and sacrificed communities, endangered marine life, water issues, man-made climate change and our backyard ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 24-Mar-2018

Top Art

Top Art showcases the best of last years art students. See what it takes to achieve NCEA excellence and discover the incredible work that is being created in our schools. Bring your class to see what it took to get ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 25-Mar-2018, 26-Mar-2018, 27-Mar-2018, 28-Mar-2018

Make & Create

Make and create together with our art making sessions for all the family. Sessions are led by our Education Team and held in The Hive—our family lounge—where hut building, puppets and story books are always available ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 27-Mar-2018, 03-Apr-2018, 10-Apr-2018

Unpacking the Language of Things

Costs apply, bookings required. This symposium—featuring Otto Künzli, Susan Cummins and Damian Skinner— is being organised to complement the exhibition 'The Language of Things: Meaning and Value in Contemporary ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 11-Apr-2018, 12-Apr-2018

Wrought Makers' Markets

​Wrought is a new breed of makers' market, featuring local crafters and makers, performers, workshops, demonstrations, and activities. We're always on the lookout for makers with something different to offer, ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 13-Apr-2018, 20-Jul-2018, 27-Oct-2018

School Holiday Activities: Imagination Playground

Have mischief makers in the house this school holidays? Come to ours and they can let their creativity run wild with the Imagination Playground.

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 15-Apr-2018, 18-Apr-2018, 19-Apr-2018, 21-Apr-2018, 22-Apr-2018, 23-Apr-2018 View more sessions

School Holiday Programme: Screen Printing

Kids will learn the art of screenprinting while making and printing their own design with The Dowse Education team. Ages: 7-15 yrs Bookings essential: Email - enquiries@dowse.org.nz Phone - (04) 570 6500

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 16-Apr-2018

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements pivots around a moment of crisis - the beginning of the second decade of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1990s. This exhibition uses the epidemic to provide a shared context within which meditations ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 20-Apr-2018, 21-Apr-2018, 22-Apr-2018, 23-Apr-2018, 24-Apr-2018, 25-Apr-2018 View more sessions

Shannon Te Ao: my life as a tunnel

Shannon Te Ao (Ngāti Tūwharetoa) blurs the lines between melancholy and optimism, exploring our relationships to language, land and each other. my life as a tunnel features the moving image work 'With the sun aglow, ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 20-Apr-2018, 21-Apr-2018, 22-Apr-2018, 23-Apr-2018, 24-Apr-2018, 25-Apr-2018 View more sessions

Artist Talk: Micheal McCabe

Join Simon Gennard, 2017 Blumhardt/Creative New Zealand Curatorial Intern, and artist Micheal McCabe in conversation. Full details on our website http://dowse.org.nz/events/artist-talk-micheal-mccabe

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 21-Apr-2018

Women in Tech Breakfast: Impact of Technology on Future Work

Join us to be inspired by a group of outstanding women leading the way in tech. We want to explore the case for diversity and inclusion and why it's important to have women in tech leadership. Our group of executives, ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 22-May-2018

Art, Craft and the AIDS Crisis: A Panel Discussion

In association with the exhibition Sleeping Arrangements, join community organisers Richard Benge and Kevin Jensen, and writer Julia Craig as they discuss creative responses to the AIDS Crisis. Check out full event ...

Region:Lower Hutt
Dates: 26-May-2018