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Album - Balderston Family; 17-204

Album - Balderston Family
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A collection of legal papers, certificates, wills, receipts, invoices, and correspondence of the Balderston Family of Kaiwaka.
Some legal papers start at 1914.
Family members include, Alexander Watson Balderston, known as Watson b 1861 d 1931, who married Sarah Dolina Balderston, nee MacQuarrie b 1861 d 1845.
David Richard Logan Balderston, known as Logan b 1887 d 1968 who married Frances Ann Balderston, known as Tottie, nee Leslie, b 1887 d 1962.
John Lawrence Balderston, known as Lawrie, b 1921 d 2003 who married Doreen L G Balderston, nee Watson. Doreen's surname in her first marriage was Gore Symes.

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