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Mugs in Wire Basket; 17-10

17-10 Mugs in Wire Basket
Mugs in Wire Basket
About this object
These 25 aluminium mugs were used by the Kaiwaka Primary School. They have the brand 'HyGlo. Aluminium Utensil Ltd. Made in N.Z' stamped on the handles. They were stored in a wire basket. All in good condition.
New Zealand promoted the 'Milk In Schools' scheme from 1937 to 1967. All pupils were offered a free 1/2 pint (284 mls) on each of the 5 school days, per week. The scheme was introduced to alleviate malnutrition amongst school children after the Great Depression. In isolated areas where pasteurised milk was not practicable a free issue of raw milk was offered with 'malted milk powder' heated to boiling point. The Department of Health would check to ensure preparation areas were adequate.

A: H 35 cm Diameter 40 cm (top of basket)
B to Y: H 8 cm Diameter 8.5 cm

Object Type
Cup and Saucer
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