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Canvas Print; MacKenzie, Stuart ; 2008; X001.33.1

Canvas Print, Webster, Hartley    NZ, 2008, X001.33.1
Canvas Print
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Ngati Mahanga Chief Te Awaitaia with his taiaha.
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New Zealand
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Digital Print on Canvas
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Chief Te Awaitaia, who was later baptised and took the name Wiremu Neera, signed the Treaty of Waitangi at Port Waikato, when it was brought there by the Reverend Maunsell. Throughout the Waikato conflicts no settlers were ever attacked within the Ngati Mahanga area.
Wi Neera died 27 April 1866, and is now buried at Papahua Reserve, near Te Kopua Camp Ground, Raglan.

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Ngati Mahanga
Wiremu Neera

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Ngati Mahanga Chief Te Awaitaia with his taiaha.
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