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The HMS Orpheus.; TC9487

The HMS Orpheus., TC9487
The HMS Orpheus.
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THE HMS ORPHEUS: On the 7th of February, 1863, the British Warship HMS Orpheus foundered on the bar at Manukau Heads. It was, and is, New Zealand's worst maritime disaster with the loss 0f 189 of the 258 people on board. The bow and stern views of the Orpheus showing the profile of its hull, sails and rigging were drawn by Thayer Fairburn. His interest in the history of the Orpheus began as a young man, and "became his absorbing preoccupation to which he brought tenacity, determination and a passion for detail" - extract from his book "The Orpheus Disaster".
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HMS Orpheus
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Wreck of HMS Orpheus.
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Wreck of HMS Orpheus.
Auckland Libraries
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