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Bushmen, North Auckland WW1; c.1914-1918; X1 2001_318_51

Bushmen, North Auckland WW1
About this object
Photograph of 'Bushmen, mostly of the North of Auckland, who have fought valiantly against the Turks. New Zealanders (Many of whom have been killed or wounded), who have nobly upheld the honour of the Auckland Province. L-R Back Row: Pte. T. McCraith, Cpl. C.O. Cown, Pte. G. Fatt, Tpr. J.P. Price, Pte. R. Thorburn, Pte. J. Smith, Pte. W.H. Billings, Tpr. O. Downs, Tpr. Mitai. Second Row: Pte. W. Price, Tpr. H. Madden, Tpr. K. Sutherland, Tpr. A. Orr, Pte. L. Brown, Sgt. T. Wellington, Farrier Sgt. Browne, Cpl. J. Gorden, L/Cpl. W. Drinnan, Tpr. F. Welsh, Pte. J Murray, Pte. W. McWraith. Sitting: Pte. V. Telfer, Cpl. Wallace, L/Cpl. Durham, Pte. B. Billings, Pte. Baillie, Pte. K. McLean, Pte. A. Billings, Pte. J. Baillie, Pte. H. Cartwright.'
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Photograph, WW1
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X1 2001_318_51


Auckland Province
Cpl. C.O. Cown
Cpl. J. Gorden
Cpl. Wallace
Farrier Sgt. Browne
L/Cpl. Durham
L/Cpl. W. Drinnan
Pte. A. Billings
Pte. B. Billings
Pte. Baillie
Pte. G. Fatt
Pte. H. Cartwright
Pte. J. Baillie
Pte. J Murray
Pte. J. Smith
Pte. K. McLean
Pte. L. Brown
Pte. R. Thorburn
Pte. T. McCraith
Pte. V. Telfer
Pte. W. McWraith
Pte. W. Price
Pte. W.H. Billings
Sgt. T. Wellington
Tpr. A. Orr
Tpr. F. Welsh
Tpr. H. Madden
Tpr. J.P. Price
Tpr. K. Sutherland
Tpr. O. Downs

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