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Mapua; Toss WOOLLASTON; 1960; 1004

Mapua, Sir Woollaston Mountford Tosswill, 1960, 1004
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An earthy-toned expressionist landscape oil painting looking out to Tasman Bay from Mapua where the artist resided for many years.
Date Made
Medium and Materials
Oil on board
Place Made
Subject and Association Keywords
Landscapes/Regional landscapes/Nelson landscapes
New Zealand/South Island/Tasman/Mapua
Subject and Association Description
Toss Woollaston gave a lecture of his early life and the influences that led him to painting to the Auckland Gallery Associates. He concluded his lecture with this comment on his then current position.

"It is 1960, and I have at last been able to paint more than before, with the assistance of two grants of 500 pounds ... I do not dare to feel that painting can yet become altogether my way of life. I am still waiting for that. The good luck is temporary - it cannot last. But at last I have tasted what it is to be a painter..." (Trevelyan, 2004, p.234).

With the help of the annual Association of New Zealand Art Societies Fellowship, Woollaston returned temporarily to Mapua to paint full time in early 1960. In his autobiographical manuscript Woollaston described his conversation with the Rawleighs firm regarding extra painting time over the summer:

"Myself: This year I plan to spend half the year painting on a grant from the Association of New Zealand Art Societies. As I did in 1958, I will again apportion my time, six weeks painting and six weeks selling Rawleighs, so as not to lose contact with the round.
They: You realise, Mr Woollaston, that though art may be the cream on your coffee, Rawleighs is your bread and butter.
Myself: I hope soon to be in a position to take much more cream on my coffee.
There was no reply to that" (Trevelyan, 2004, p.224).

Woollaston entered the work 'Mapua' for the Hays' Ltd Art Prize and received a 20 pound merit award. First prize was split three ways due to the indecisive three judges.

Credit Line
Gifted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Wellington in 2003
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Landscapes/Regional landscapes/Nelson landscapes

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